Sgt. Daniel J. Miller's 4th Mission

Group Mission 74 - Minoyecques, France - March 19th, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6 "A" Group, and flew in A/C 42-37890 "Rovin Ramona II/ Big Friend"

23 Aircrafts were dispatched to Minoyecques, France on March 19, 1944 with  21 A/C attacking. The bomb run was made visually and take off was between 1600 and 1615 hours. The time of the attack came between 1810 and 1812 hours. The attitude in which the attack was made was 20,000 to 20,500 feet. All aircrafts returned at 1931 hours with 5 aircraft receiving minor damage. Fighter escort was "good" ACP was Lt. Jeffrey, Group Lead pilot was Capt. Richter. High squardron leader was 1/Lt Settles and the low squadron leader was Capt. Everly. The lead navigator was 2/Lt J.J Hickey. Out of the 8th airforce aircrafts participating, 193 were dispatched with 172 attacking and 1 A/C missing. Bombs dropped were 251 x 500lbs general purpose. The target was a V- weapons factory.

The General Narrative reads as follows.
The 390TH Group formation took off at 1600-1615 hours. Assembly was over the field at 2000 feet. There was to be no Wing or Division assembly. Climbed on course to 1st control point at a altitude of 20,000 feet from that point to target. Reached Splasher 8 a few minutes early and S-ed to lost time, Squadron peeled off in 30 second intervals and proceeded to Dungeness. Course flown by all squadrons was essentially the same. Each squadron made one run on the target dropping on the first run. Return to base made by squadron individually. All planes had landed by 1913 hours.

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