"Anoxia Queen" Crew 10 (Part 10)

Mission: 052 -  Sortie 19 / 35

Date: January 30, 1944

Target: Brunswick, Germany - Aircraft plant (PFF)

Aircraft Serial Number 42-39819 BI - F

Crew 10

Crewman                                                                Role
Bright, Jack T                                                           Pilot
Catto, William A                                                        Co-Pilot
Heiser, Robert A                                                       Navigator
Cummings, Harold M                                                 Bombardier
Webster, Charles M                                                  Eng/Top Turret Gunner
Harris, George T                                                       Radio Op./Gunner
Carter, Lawrence E                                                   Ball Turret Gunner
Hawks, Floris W                                                        Waist Gunner
Zakrewski, Benjamin A                                              Waist Gunner
Zucco, Raymond                                                       Tail Gunner

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