Sgt. Daniel J.Miller's 6th Mission

Group Mission 77 - La Glaciere, France - March 26th, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6, and flew in A/C 42-32026 "Tis a Mystery". The target were military installations on the Cherbourg peninsula.  21 aircrafts were dispatched, with 14 A/C attacking.  Bombing was done visually. Take off was at 1221 - 1234 hours.The alititude of the attack was between 20,000 feet and 21,000 feet. 140 x 500 lbs general purpose bombs were dropped. All planes returned by 1641 hours. The fighter escort was "good". The position of the Wing was low. No A/C were lost and there were no casualties. 10 A/C received minor damage. The 8TH Airforce dispatched 573 planes, 560 A/C attacked and 5 A/C went missing. 4 crewmen were killed, 27 more wounded and 50 missing from that day.

The General Narrative reads as follows.
The 390TH Group formation took off at 1221 hours - 1234 hours and assembled over the field at 5000 feet. The Group was assembled by 1300 hours and continued to climb on course. There were no Wing formation scheduled.Control points were made on time. At I. P. squadrons peeled off and approached target individually. The lead squadron did not pick target up soon enough to make the run on it, and bombs were not dropped. The high and low squadron did drop. Returned to base was made without difficulty. All planes had landed by 1641 hours. Aircraft not attacking: 21 A/C left base in formation. All 21 were dispatched and are credited with sorties. 7 A/C in lead squadron failed to bomb. 14 A/C attacked. Aircraft lost: none. Moderate to fairly accurate continuous pointed flak was encountered at the target. No enemy aircraft attacked the group.

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