"Anoxia Queen" Crew 02 (Part 5)

Mission: 065 - Sortie 25 / 35

Date: March 2, 1944

Target: Chartres, France - Airfield - No bombing due to poor visibility

Aircraft Serial Number 42-39819 BI - F

Crew 02

Crewman                                                                Role
Harrison, Jack S                                                       Pilot
Pettinelli, Eugene F                                                 Co-Pilot
Adler, Robert L                                                        Navigator
Guthrie, Victor J                                                       Bombardier
Vance, John B                                                         Eng./Top Turret Gunner
Matthews, William S                                                 Radio Op./Gunner
Chilek, Adolph B                                                      Ball Turret Gunner
Frith, Robert E                                                         Waist Gunner
Pickard, Sherman S                                                 Waist Gunner
Hames, Melvin J                                                       Tail Gunner

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