"Anoxia Queen" Crew 06 (Part 12)

Mission: 086 -  Sortie 35 / 35

Date: April 13, 1944

Target: Augsburg, Germany - Airfield bulidings on East side

Aircraft Serial Number 42-39819 BI - F

Crew 06

Crewman                                                                Role
Swavel, Morris F                                                       Pilot
Goldinger, Wilmer R                                                  Co-Pilot
Lipchitz, Theodore R                                                 Navigator
Wade, Philip W                                                        Bombardier
Gwazdosky, Alec                                                     Eng./Top turret Gunner
Bobrowicz, Frank C                                                  Radio Op./Gunner
Miller, Daniel J                                                         Ball Turret Gunner
Gibbs, Robert J                                                       Waist Gunner
Walker, William L                                                    Waist Gunner
O'Brien, James T                                                     Tail Gunner

* Hit by flak outside Ostende, Belgium, the "Anoxia Queen" went down into the North Sea / English Channel.  All killed in action.

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