Sgt. Daniel J.Miller's 2nd Mission

Group Mission 70 - Berlin, Germany - March 9th, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6, and flew in A/C 42-37890 "Rovin Ramona 2" / "Big Friend".
           The General Narrative was the 390th Group formation, which was the low Group in the 13th Combat Wing, took off at 0751-0837 hours. Assembly was at 12,000 feet over Buncher #11, as there was a overcast. Climbed to Wing assembly altitude, arriving at Colchester early. 95th Group, which was the lead group, was not easy to identify as their formation was scattered and a few flares were fired. Assembly of the formation was completed by the time Buncher #9 was reached and in circling, the 95th Group's  last time, arriving at Lowestoft seven minutes late, and was at the target fifty minutes late. The course was essentially as briefed and bombs were dropped on PFF (Path Finding) flares in the lead Group. The target was overcast and a secondary target was bombed, The route back from the target was flown as briefed with miner deviations to avoid flak. A few enemy aircrafts were seen and intense flak at target. All aircrafts returned to base by 1642 hours. Twenty -three A/C including two spares, left the base in formation, A/C 42-31114, 42-31466, 42-38130, and 42-30715 returned to before reaching the English coast and were not dispatched, A/C 42-30325 was hit by flak and returned alone. The remaining eighteen A/C went over target, seventeen bombing and one A/C dropping early. No aircrafts were lost.

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