"Anoxia Queen" Crew 17 (Part 11)

Mission: 068 -  Sortie 27 / 35

Date: March 06, 1944
Target: Berlin, Germany - Target of opportunity on NW side of city
Aircraft Serial Number 42-39819 BI - F

Crew 17

Crewman                                                                Role
Quillin, Paul J                                                           Pilot
Jordan, Harmon G                                                     Co-Pilot
Simonitsch, Jake M                                                  Navigator
Jabara, Raymond M                                                  Bombardier
LeBaron, Louis                                                         Eng/Top Turret Gunner
Volk, Lawrence J                                                      Radio Op./Gunner
Best, Jesse V                                                          Ball Turret Gunner
Matyuck, William F                                                  Waist Gunner
Schmidt, William P                                                   Waist Gunner
Clausen, Myrle E                                                      Tail Gunner

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