"Anoxia Queen" Crew 08 (Part 7)

Mission: 031 -  Sortie 03 / 35

Date: November 19, 1943

Target: Gelsenkirchen, Germany - City Center

Aircraft Serial Number 42-39819 BI - F

Crew 08

Crewman                                                                Role
Perry, David F                                                         Pilot
Brown, Robert N                                                      Co-Pilot
Holman, Philip D                                                      Navigator
Knight, John E                                                         Bombardier
Carnes, Carl R                                                         Eng/Top Turret Gunner
Reynolds, Millard W                                                 Radio Op./Gunner
Oppelt, Frederick H                                                 Ball Turret Gunner
Mays, William L                                                        Waist Gunner
Purnell, James                                                         Waist Gunner
Fulkerson, Orville O                                                 Tail Gunner

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  1. My older brother Sgt. Hector J. Marsiglia (deceased) was radio-man gunner on Anoxia-queen, crew 7. He completed 30 missions. He kept a little diary of each mission of which I have a copy. His wife's family has the original. He was my hero!