Sgt. Daniel J. Miller's 1st Mission

To the right of this page is a map with the 13 missions Dan flew. The numbers correspond with the missions Dan flew starting with his first mission. In his first mission, he was in Crew #6 and flew in A/C 42-31717 "Hells Bells"

Mission 1- Group Mission 65  Chartres, France March 2nd, 1944. The General Narrative was that the 390th Group formation, which flew low in the 13th Wing, took off at 1425-1439 hours and assembled over the field at 2000 feet. It started it's climb to assembly altitude and joined the 100th Bomb Group, which was leading the 13th Wing.
             The wing leader was about 4 minutes early at the first control point and was also early at all the other control points, up to and including Beachy Head. Beachy Head was reached eight minutes early and the Wing leader made a 360 degree turn. Arrive at the enemy coast two minutes late rest of course into target essentially as briefed. Peeled off at I.P. as ordered and made run into target. Bombs did not release and a second run was made. Bombs still did not go away due to mechanical failure of the bomb system. The high squadron leader assumed the Group lead and proceeded to the secondary target. However the secondary target was obscured by clouds. On route back from target, attempted to locate a target of opportunity, but the one that was found was not picked up soon enough to make a run.  Group returned to base, and the aircrafts had landed by 1928 hours.
             Twenty -three A/C including two spares left the field in formation. The spares A/C #925 and #041 were not needed and returned to base All twenty-one were dispatched, credited with sorties and did not bomb.  A/C 932 was hit by flak about 1755 hours near Abbeville in the tail assembly. A/C 932 fell out of formation and went down into the clouds. Two chutes were observed.

*Note: The General Narrative is taken directly from the Mission Report as it is worded.

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