Sgt. Daniel J.Miller's 7th Mission

Group Mission 78 - Cazoux, France - March 27th, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6, and flew in A/C 42-32026 "Tis a Mystery". 
The enemy airdrome at Cazoux, France was bombed visually with great effectiveness by the 390TH Bomb Group (H) on March 27, 1944. First phase photo interpretation show a concentration of high explosive bombs on the MPI, dropped by the group. Incendiary bombs dropped by the group hit accurately in the smoke of the MPI.Bombs were dropped by squadrons. No enemy aircraft were seen. Meagre flak from boats in the bay and land installations was encountered. All of our aircrafts returned and there were no personnel casualities. 200 x 500lbs general purpose bombs and 588 x 100 P-47 incendiary bombs were dropped. The fighter escort was "good"
General Narrative reads as follows.
The 390TH "A" group formation, which was low group in the 13TH Combat Wing, took off at 0951 hours - 1008 hours. Group assembly was on top of overcast at 9000 feet over the field. There was no difficulty in Group assembly. At 1116 hours, lead Group was picked up and Wing assembly accomplished. Division assembly was as planned. Route flown to the target was as briefed, Bombing was visual with bombs away at 1438 hours.Return to base flown as briefed. Aircraft Not Attacking: 21 A/C left the base in formation shown. A/C 819 left formation before reaching the English Coast and was not dispatched. The remaining 20 A/C were dispatched and credited with sorties and attacked. Aircraft lost: None.

General Narrative for "B" Group as follows.
The 390TH "B" Group Composite Group which flew high group in the 13TH Wing took off at 0931 hours - 0944 hours. Six A/C from the 95TH Group formed the low squadron. Group assembly was on top of the overcast at 12,000 feet over the field. No difficulties were met in Group assembly. The lead group for the Wing was located ahead of time and Wing assembly was completed without trouble. Course to target corresponds to that if the 390TH "A" Group. Bombs were away visually at 1440 hours. Return to base flown as briefed. Aircraft Not Attacking: 15 A/C left base in formation. A/C 338 returned before reaching the English Coast and was not dispatched. The remaining 14 A/C were dispatched, are credited with sorties, and attacked the target. Aircraft lost: None.

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