Sgt. Daniel J. Miller of Buffalo, New York (Part 13)

    One long winter's day here in Wisconsin, I decided to take on a new hobby. I went to the official MIA/KIA website and looked under World War 2. Now I always look for people who had the same last name as I do, just for coincidental sake. Well I found a man who's name was hauntingly the same as mine. Sgt Daniel J. Miller. Now Daniel is NO relation to me what so ever, but his name had me intrigued. Daniel just so happened to be the ball turret gunner on a B-17. So now, I had my name to research and I followed Daniel's life from finish to start. I started from his death on April 13, 1944 and followed it to his birth. This has been one heck of a great adventure. I have done a lot of research and met a lot of new friends all over this world, that I still stay in contact with. So here is alittle about Daniel's life, followed by the 13 missions he flew.

      Daniel Joseph Miller was born on January 3, 1923 in Buffalo, New York  to the parents of Henry Miller and Ruth Nagle (maiden) name. He graduated high school, and took one year of machine shop school. He enlisted into the war on January 25th, 1943 from Buffalo, New York. He flew 13 missions before he was killed on April 13, 1944 at the age of 21. Here is a list of his 13 missions and the air crafts he flew in. He was awarded the air medal and a purple heart.

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