Final Comments

This is where the story ends unfortunately. Daniel and the rest of his crew perished on April 13 1944 . Their B-17, the "Anoxia Queen" hit by flak, went down in the English Channel/North Sea. All presumed drowned. Three (3) bodies washed up on the Ostend shore, about a month later. One of the bodies was identified as Robert J. Gibbs, the other two may have been Wilmer R. Goldinger and Theodore R. Lipchitz.  My blog is in memory of Daniel J. Miller (Ball Turret Gunner) and the rest of the crew of the "Anoxia Queen" Morris F. Swavel (Pilot), Wilmer R. Goldinger ( Co-Pilot), Theodore R. Lipchitz (Navigator), Philip W. Wade (Bombardier), Frank C. Bobrowicz (Radio Operator), Alec NMI Gwazdosky (Top Turret Gunner), James T. O'Brien (Tail Gunner), Robert J. Gibbs (Right Waist Gunner), William L. Walker (Left Waist Gunner), and last but not least A/C  B-17G 42-39819 "Anoxia Queen".

Some reports indicate the "Anoxia Queen" was getting ready to ditch in the English Channel/North Sea, while other reports indicate that the B-17 simply lost power and went down. No one knows for sure. As you read my entire blog, I will will leave it up to you to decide.  I also want to preserve the memory of the veterans on WW2, so their memories are not forgotten after they are gone. Thank you for viewing my blog and enjoy.

- Dan Miller

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