Sgt Daniel J. Miller's 12th Mission

Group Mission 85 - Leipzig, Germany- April 12TH, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6, and flew in A/C 42-32026 "Tis a Mystery".

The Group was credited with a sortie, when clouds forces the recall of the mission. The 390th "A" Group dispatched 20 aifcraft, and the "B" Group dispatched 20 aircraft plus 1 pathfinder A/C.

No enemy fighters were seen.

Landfall on the enemy coast was made at 1227 hours and 10 minute later the order to return was received.

Meagre flak was encountered, resulting in one case of minor battle damage. All our aircraft returned safely, and there were no personnel causalities.

3/10th stratus at 5000 feet. 6-8/10 middle cloud base 12,000 feet, tips 13,000 feet. 6-8/10th cirrus at 20,000 feet. Dense haze at 13,000 to 24,000 feet with visibility from 500 yards to 2 miles. Formation descended below middle clouds over England and North Sea, but similar weather conditions encountered from 10-20,000 feet after penetrating 30 miles into continent.

Airfield, not shown on map, between Ostend and Bruges at 5115N-0306 S. No activity. Airfield at 5106N-2345S  not on map. No activity observed on airfields at Dunkerque, southwest of Nieuport, Nivelles,Charieroi, Calais, and Ostend. lowland flooding over 8-10 sqaure miles, 8 miles southeast of Dunkerque. Large truck convoy going toward the sea at Dunkerque at 1246 hours. 2 barrage balloons, 1 mile northeast of Nieuport, altitude 3000 feet. 1 balloon 21/2 miles southwest of Ostend, altitude 3000 feet.Large concentration of barges on canal running parallel to coast, east of Dunkerque. 1 flat top ship in harbor near Nieuport at 1250 hours.

Friendly fighter were observed going into form support for the bombers when they received the call to return.

A B-17 from group behind, at 1203 hours, five miles west of Orfordness was observed in a spin. At 6000 feet, some pieces came off and ship dove into the sea, no chutes.

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