Sgt. Daniel J.Miller's 9th Mission

Group Mission 81 - Quackenbruck, Germany- April 8TH, 1944. Daniel was in Crew #6, and flew in A/C 42-32026 "Tis a Mystery".

After a week of bad weather, following the sorties of April 1st, the 390TH Bomb Group successfully attacked the airdrome at Quackenbruck on April 8th 1944. The phase photo interpretation showed a pattern of high explosive bombs with bursts spreading along a line from the south runway to the MPI and covering the MPI, for the "A" Composite Group. A concentration of high explosive bombs about 400 yards north of the MPI in the workshops and store area was indicated for the "B" Group. No enemy aircraft were observed. No bombers were lost, no personnel injured.

8th AAF Report as follows:
"Very good results" stated the Eighth AAF Narrative of Operations."Hits are seen on hangars, in the barracks area and also on work shops and store buildings in the central part of the built up area. The barracks area was well hit. Ten and possibly eleven twin engine enemy aircraft were seen on the field. Eight of these were damaged or destroyed, and black smoke coming from one of the aircraft shelters indicated that an unseen aircraft may possibly have been hit."

Combat Crew Comments:

Lt. Guthrie: "A cluster of red roofed barracks went up in a cloud of smoke and dust as the bombs started hitting."

Lt. Martin: "When we seen them, we hit them! Today the target was clearly visible and our bombs smacked directly into the center of it. We left it in smoking ruin".

S/Sgt. Murphy: "The flak was intense in spots and the going rough for a while, but our bombs hit and destroyed the airdrome barracks which were our target."

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